Microsoft's Licensed Cloud Storage OneDrive Business will Release Companies with Excess Costs


Microsoft licensed cloud storage Office 365, among them ”Just one Drive Business” was presented at Georgian Air Program Agency (GASA). The company”Syntax” conducted technical works.

With help from “OneDrive Business” files and documents stored in the electronic storageis available from any section of the world through online world, at the same time it is synchronized on any particular equipment. Meaning, it usually is accessible without web connection. The process is simple: you can create and modify documents as computer’s desktop apps, as well as upload the same document within a Drive cloud storage space and edit the item using a web browser.

“Company” Syntax “actively cooperates with the GASA certified products. The next collaboration was the introduction of Microsoft’s licensed cloud technologies Office 365, including the cloud storage “OneDrive Business”. The technical perform of our company was initially implemented by IT technical engineers. The new licensed cloud storage company allows for employees to easily share documents with acquaintances and other organizations. Control that can view and manage all files. One from the advantages of synchronized documents in one drive is that they can be shared. In certain, the employees, who have popular projects, have the opportunity to your workplace on real time written documents in the same data file, “- Zaza Javelidze, Director All round of the” Syntax “corporation speaks about the specifics of the company’s new service.

Microsoft’s licensed fog up technologies allow GASA for you to deploy operational info on a 2-storey protected clouds storage, which decreases the costs associated with infrastructure plus management, and provides far more opportunity to develop their particular business.

“With the help of a company” Syntax “, we have licensed the servers of our own company and the doing work computer of all people. Introduction of new services greater the level of information protection. “OneDrive Business”, which is quite convenient for workers and provides important written documents in one space, protected keeping and exchange. Also, a specific employee gets the right to see the information and facts, “- said Mikheil Chikhladze, deputy technologist, GASA.

Nikoloz Doborjginidze, Typical Director of “Ms Georgia” speaks about the demand for cooperation with home business sector and information that he is glad Georgian corporations use modern trained cloud technologies.

“Microsoft’ersus licensed cloud technological innovation, including” OneDrive Business “at each level, support consumer info protection and enable possibility management. In particular, you possibly can grant our popular policy to restrict usage of a particular document so they can allow it to work with specific files. In addition, this OneDrive service and the software have a solid security system, through which it makes impossible anyone to disseminate private information without administrator’s permission.”


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