Are Distribution Corporations Protected by Law?!


For many years distribution suppliers cannot resolve problems with collecting money out of retailers. A part of these people says that retail systems owe money directly to them.

A special bill could possibly be developed for bad-payer retailers, which don’t pay due amounts to distribution companies. Individual voluntary arrangement Chkonia, founder of Association with Distributors, talks about the details.

New regulations are to secure distribution companies by bad-payer retailers, he said.

We are actually actively working with Profits Service of Secretary of state for Finance and Secretary of state for Economy to introduce specified regulations, which will preserve distribution companies by bad payers. At this stage, we’re also in the regime involving negotiations. We have achieved with the head involving revenue service. We have been selecting various styles that will be submitted to the particular Parliament to regulate this issue for legislative level and also protect the sector, Individual voluntary agreement Chkonia noted.

As to the unit and type of laws, Iva Chkonia said:? The unit, where government are going to be involved in agreements, will probably be acceptable for us. In the event the agreement is not content timely, both we all and the Government will impose due repayments on bad payers. Analogical units work in the world and in addition they work efficiently. We hope similar regulations will justify in Ga too, Chkonia noted.

Association of Vendors has been actively cooperating with the banking market too: We want these to participate in the process. In case the money is not paid for timely, retailers’ relations together with commercial banks needs to be restricted, Iva Chkonia noted.

As to help agreement between Organization of Distributors in addition to CreditInfo Georgia, which arrived to force in February 2017, the member suppliers supply information so that you can CreditInfo about the retailers, that delay payments. Volume of similar companies has finished 40 ones. The mentioned agreement was initially signed after complications emerged in submitter network? and several very much the same companies were broke because of retailers.

Iva Chkonia claims that the mentioned changes will bring results in long-term interval.? As to number of terrible payers, he found it challenging to name the exact physique, however, according to his statement several months just before, about 100 safety measures were written 5 months.

Similar database offers positive results in long-term mindset. People, who facial skin problems, will have to spend imposed obligations, his or her access to finance sector will be restricted. Productive results will not come at once. We anticipate these steps to take positive results and all bills will be paid prompt. Records will be stripped away from the database soon after payments, Iva Chkonia said.

Mamuka Tsagareli, founder of Alliance Georgia submitting company, explains which he does not know similar bill, but one can find real problems with raising funds in the sector.

The country mainly will depend on imported products. Distribution companies ensure submission of the mentioned products and services to the network. At duration, distributor’s obligation before the suppliers are anchored by a bank guarantee. They always pay the due amount well-timed and fully, although retailers do not, Tsagareli proclaimed.

The founder of Alliance Atlanta says that he will be happy if the problem is solved, however, the government treatment in the business sector is certainly unacceptable.

The court system is to resolve the problem, namely, a valuable bankruptcy must be introduced, Tsagareli noted.

?I’ve got no information about the following bill. This convention may have been included. Govt is a bad regulator running a business, therefore, the Regulators should introduce laws that ensure organization sector freedom?, Tsagareli documented.

Zura Khutsishvili, director of Georgian Submission company explains that he is unaware of the bill specifics, but he verified that distribution corporations have real issues with collecting due income from retail cpa affiliate networks.

Khutsishvili has not talked about different details at this stage.


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