Education Technologies Evolved into an Official Partner using Instituto Europeo Di Design


Company “Education Technologies” became the state run partner of the Western Design Institute -Istituto Europeo Di Design (IED).

A Memorandum of cooperation had been signed between Euro Design Institute (IED) along with company “Education Technologies”, in accordance with which the company “Schooling Technologies” became its standard partner company within Georgia.

“The basis regarding successful business is education and learning. When the main emphasis will be on learning, the quality of success is assured for people and for the land – this is the right track that will give rise to thriving business. The IED methodology requires each faculty to establish a close relationship using local producers, connect to the Orientation Industrial sectors, to communicate with each other along with develop.

For these reasons, the IED courses are normally foreseeing new general trends, “said Keti Maglakelidze, the founder of the company.

Informational meeting will probably be held on Economy is shown 24, at Eighteen:00, at Knowledge Technologies Office # 8 Arakishvili, where members will be able to meet IED Grasp Degree Program Graduate student and receive IED education Directions, learning formats, hands-on processes and international students expenses funding.


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