Special statement with JSC Nenskra Hydro


JSC Nenskra Hydro, the company, which is employing the Nenskra hydropower herb project, issues an exceptional statement in relation to those great tv feature broadcasted by the Rustavi2 broadcasting company.

We wish to clarify that the aforesaid history contained several discrepancies, which can mislead community opinion regarding to the present status of Nenskra HPP challenge and activities from the project company.

In special, the broadcasted scenario claimed that purportedly the Nenskra HPP project anticipates the deforestation of more than Six hundred ha of woodlands area. We want to educate the public that precise area of deforestation does not extend past 200 ha. In addition, the company has elaborated amount of mitigating measures, including a unique reforestration plan.

The story at the same time mentioned that the arrangement between the Government of Georgia and JSC Nenskra Hydro will be allegedly classified, and that is not true. Main specifications of the agreement are for sale for public and displayed on the website of the Secretary of state for Energy.

Also it was pointed out the occurrence of avalanche once your there of project enactment, adjacent to the community Chuberi (Mestia municipality), which allegedly occurred several days prior to broadcasting of this Tv for pc feature and that led to 3 individuals working in the project become trapped at the site. This information is not true too, and is also confirmed by the agents of local self-governing body.

We want also reveal the ongoing status regarding Nenskra HPP project. In 2017, the actual supplementary studies of the Environmental and Sociable Impact Assessment (ESIA) were being completed, the accounts based on which were disclosed during a number of general population hearings and discussions. Based on the recommendations removed from the stakeholders during the disclosure timeframe, the package with aforesaid documents was furthermore revised. The up-to-date package of docs, as well as the Public Meetings Report are available on the spot of the project enterprise at www.nenskra.kenmore. At this moment, the area acquisition from the neighborhood population in the Nenskra Region, where the main an important part of Nenskra HPPs infrastructure will be made, is almost completed. Preparatory works are going on, as well as works inside framework of the Group Investment Program of the project, the overview budget of which is actually 4 million Usd.


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