Mikheil Chkuaseli: Success Formula associated with Georgian Tea is Now in Export Markets


Photo: Fortuna

Geoplant Director, producer with Gurieli Tea, sees rebirth in the industry, but considers that the activities are generally insufficient.

Mikheil Chkuaseli says that condition support program connected with tea has a inspiring effect on a large method, but the process by itself must be implemented by the private sector.

“Gurieli” was given birth to in a very heavy levels of competition with multinational types, it is impossible to be successful in greenhouse conditions and constantly have a desire of the state is not correct. There are many innovative brands emerging, the labels is improving in addition to marketing support is usually activated. This is beneficial, but it is still insufficient. Our success system is now in the trade markets, we need to turn out to be activated there, says the actual businessman.

Businessman Mikheil Chkuaseli also records that tea industry will not be at the very same level as it has been in the Communist era and it is certainly not necessary. He names the principle advantages of Georgia inside the field.

“Focus on sum is not a priority for individuals. Another aspect essentially will not be able to grow today if you are closed lower. Development is in an individual’s goodwill and accommodating capabilities, as well as utilizing your own advantages. Our advantages are in green purity, special bouquet, balanced taste of green tea and diversity associated with fruit, – says Chkukaseli.


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