Georgian Water Samples Were being Sent To Qatar


Samples of SNO sporing water have already been sent to Qatar, KAR.Ge reports.

Thanks to efforts through KAR.GE movement, LLC Aqua Geo and Doha-based Georgian citizen Paata Giorgadze, half a dozen various samples of SNO spring season water were provided for Qatar (total weight C 19.5 kilograms). The consignment was carried by Turkish Airlines, KAR.GE reports.

Communication on the issue held up 3 months. After negotiations on terms the agreed ailments turned out acceptable and the business decided to send examples.

The next stage calls for using a tasting, examination, research and all other methods requested by the Qatar part. As soon as we get real results, we will notify you, indeed, KAR.Ge reports.?

Moreover, KAR.GE movement calls on those, who deliver high-quality product and want to market their products in Qatar to make use of to the movement business office.


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