41-room Hotel to Open inside March in Akhasheni


The program has Thirty-eight beneficiaries till the release of the Georgian industry progress component in the talk about program “Enterprise Georgia”. Good Ministry of Economy, a 41-room hotel with high expectations will be opened with village Akhasheni, Gurjaani District.

“Hotel” Akhasheni Resort hotels “plans to build it using one of the best locations, that will be attractive lfor both visitors and local visitors. In the 41-room hotel, where 34 people will be employed with the first stage, a new high-class restaurant will be placed. In addition, each traveler will be able to enjoy a discussion hall and a pool.

The new hotel, that is to be launched in March 2018, aims to promote vacation in the direction of wine within Georgia and improve awareness of the products designed. Total investment with the project is 5 520 000 GEL.

According to your data of The month of january 18, 2018, the program “Enterprise Georgia” has 38 assignments supported by the development of the hotel industry, with an financial commitment of 113 million. Most of these hotels will create added 174 rooms and more than 1100 jobs, “the affirmation reads.


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