Beer Industry Increases by 2-3% in Ga


In 2017 the beer sector grew by about 2-3%, Nikoloz Khundzakishvili, director of Natakhtari business affairs, told BM.GE. The sector’s development would be 5-6% without adjustments in beer excise tax framework.

Changes in excise tax structure raised prices on a part of products, whilst another part cheapened. Strong beers with 3% proportion in our portfolio went up by in value, despite the fact that light beers together with 20% ratio cheapened. 5-degree beers utilizing 77% ratio in our portfolio retain the same prices. Therefore, averaged weighed excise tax provides slightly declined. Within Natakhtari this amount created 500 000 GEL and this sum seemed to be reinvested in the company development, Nikoloz Khundzakishvili, manager of Natakhtari corporate extramarital affairs told BM.GE.

Low-degree beer with 4-4.7% alcoholic information cheapened, while high-degree, that is 8% draught beer rose to Ninety six Tetri from 60 Tetri. On the other hand, the ratio of strong light beer is very small in the portfolio and therefore, elevated prices has not afflicted this segment much, because this is an expensive area and its consumers get accepted the new certainty.

As a result of changes in the excise tax structure, we certainly have received a very good temptation and the so-called low-alcohol beer segment has been developed by 10-15% and ratio in the whole sector constituted 20%. This is a very good trend. Consumers in addition have accepted this area and this factor permits us to continue working in this direction, Nikoloz Khundzakishvili said.


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