Nassim Taleb World's Prominent Essayist To supply Two-Day Exclusive Lecture throughout Tbilisi


Antifragility is the ability to make use of failures, become healthier when facing problems, and move forward also under high hesitation. The term was originated by Nassim Nicholas Taleb in his best-selling reserve .

On March 30 together with?April 1, Nassim Taleb will run a 2-day workshop regarding 100 top leaders from the largest providers in Russia as well as the CIS countries. The globally recognized author could talk about how to measure antifragility and cultivate the item in yourself with your company.

In addition, your participants will find out the excerpts from a new, yet to be published ebook .

Due to the interactive style of the workshop along with limited number of members, everyone will be able to comment or ask the particular speaker any questions regarding his talk.

The occasion will take place at the Radisson Blu Iveria Hotel, one of Georgias greatest hotels located in the coronary heart of the sunny Tbilisi.

In the later part of March 2018, Nassim Taleb will generate a 2-day lecture in Tbilisi. ?

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