License Plate Fraud Rates on the Rise within Calgary


The plunge in the value of oil has wreaked damage to Alberta’s economy, and a lot residents of the area aren’t surprised to understand that certain crime interest rates have been spiking over the past 12 months. Specifically, license denture theft rates are expanding throughout the province, specifically in Calgary, where Global News reported an?80 pct year-over-year increase?from 2014 to 2015.

Protecting your licenses plate is a very important step to take in the event you own a vehicle, where there are simple and effective calculates you can use to avoid growing to be a victim. It’s also essential to know what to do in the event your license plate is certainly stolen, as important complications can present themselves if you do not report the wedding to the relevant specialists.

Why Do Thieves Swipe License Plates?

The major reason thieves target licence plates is so that they’ll affix them to his or her vehicles while carrying out other crimes. This specific reduces the chances of the vehicle being for this crime, which in turn should make it less likely that they will be caught and charged for their wrongdoings. Calgary police theorize that criminals active in the city’ersus drug trade usually are primarily responsible for a sharp rise in driver’s license plate thefts.?

How to Protect Your Vehicle

In Edmonton, police have available unique anti-theft screws to your public free of charge; these kinds of screws make it hard for a criminal that will quickly steal a license plate, making it rather more likely that they will move on to a lot easier target. While much the same program is not yet still offered in Calgary, police there have been considering introducing one to combat the increasing license plate thieves rates.

Regardless, anti-theft screws are widely available through automobile accessory retailers along with form an effective distinctive line of defense against driver’s license plate theft. Law enforcement also urge automobile owners to reduce their risk by following these pointers:

  • Always park in a well-lit area
  • Whenever attainable, park in an vicinity with a relatively higher volume of vehicular and/or people traffic
  • Regularly check your license dish to make sure it’s secure
  • Avoid assisting into spaces throughout parking lots, as this can make it easier for thieves to go unseen

What to Do if Your License Denture Is Stolen

If your permit plate is lost, you should immediately report the theft on the police. They will show you the next steps to adopt, which involve contacting the actual Alberta Ministry of Transportation.

Here’verts a step-by-step breakdown of what exactly you’ll need to do when your plates are thieved:

  1. Contact the police. Do not phone 911, since permission plate theft is just not an emergency; rather, call your local police department’vertisements non-emergency line. In Calgary, the phone number is 403-266-1234; in Edmonton, call 780-423-4567.
  2. Obtain a police arrest report detailing the conditions of the theft, plus certifying that you have sent in a complaint with local law enforcement.
  3. Report the thieves to your local Ministry of Transportation or Company Alberta office. Bring a replica of the police review with you, in case the agent requests it for your file.
  4. Get a temporary eating plan and/or temporary license point from the Ministry of Transportation or Service Alberta. You should definitely keep it in simple view while traveling.
  5. Keep a copy of the law enforcement report in your automotive to show any traffic officers who could stop you for appearing to drive without a dish in the days following the robbery.
  6. Obtain new license plate designs from the Ministry of Transportation, and use anti-theft screws for you to securely attach the crooks to your vehicle.

More rarely, in order to register stickers are taken instead of plates. Consumers usually do this any time their own plates have expired and they wish to avoid the expense of restoring them. It isn’testosterone levels a wise move on their part, but it happens, hence?contact Service Alberta?if you are damaged.

On the subject of auto thievery, it’s also a great idea to review safety rules for?parkades?and effective approaches for?preventing car theft. Your Calgary?auto insurance?interest rates may rise when your car is robbed, so it’s in the best interests to be practical about protecting you.

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