Can I Cancel My very own Car Insurance Without Effects?


If you’re one of the numerous Alberta residents who employ a vehicle seasonally (think changeable), there are some special insurance considerations you need to produce. Whether you have a old-fashioned vehicle that you only drive during the the summer season or a winter-beater that you use in the slush and exhibit, why cover your car when its not in use? Lots of people dont realize that in Alberta you could have a gap in insurance policy coverage of up to two years with out penalty.

The Facts About Suspending Your current Insurance

Although its perfectly fine so that you can suspend your protection, put your car through blocks and forget about this for two years, you will find one small warning. Its possible that your prices may rise a little bit when re-upping your insurance plan, as premiums will be calculated over the duration of a policy. Everyone knows that your longer you are covered and claims-free, the a lesser amount of you should need to pay total.

The next easiest as well as thing to do if you’lso are not going to be driving an individual vehicle for an longer timeframe of time is get hold of your insurance provider and make modifications to the policy of which covers the vehicle. Remove all extras together with optional forms of protection on the policy, and also take it down to its minimum amount. This will reduce your prices to the lowest possible stage without interrupting the coverage.

If you do decide to cancel your insurance protection on a vehicle, the best way to do it is to wait for the policy to come away for renewal, subsequently opt out of it. For more information on the renewal practice, please check out our previously posted article on the topic.

The Cancellation Process

In a number of rare cases, closing a policy entirely is the only viable option. If you ever decide to go this direction without waiting for revival time, be aware that you might face fees and penalties to your early termination of the policy. These charges can be costly, so your step one should be to find out how substantially they are and complete the necessary calculations to make sure that it still makes economical sense.

If you opt to proceed, here are the basic steps you will adhere to:

  • Contact your insurer together with explain that you wish to call off your policy
  • Provide written certification confirming your choice so that you can cancel your current coverage
  • Specify any date on which you desire your coverage in order to end
  • Make any necessary remaining payments
  • If you’ve prepaid on an annual policy, you most likely are entitled to a refund for any difference

You should also make sure to purchase a proof of insurance report from your provider. This will be a very helpful aspect to have in your corner when you will decide to reinstate your protection, as it will prevent providers from interpreting the lost coverage dates as a gap within your coverage. Gaps generally lead to higher monthly payments, as they place you in a higher risk category.

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