Different Types of Business Insurance policies for Different Types of Businesses and Workers


Business insurance is a broad topic, and Calgary companies really need to be aware of each type associated with coverage available to make sure all their interests tend to be fully protected. Here’vertisements an overview of the main types of business coverage available.

Commercial Auto Insurance

All vehicles which are used for commercial applications in Calgary and Alberta has to be covered with specialized insurance cover. Known as commercial auto insurance, this particular coverage can also go over valuables, such as tools and equipment, that are stored in business vehicles.

Commercial Property Insurance

Commercial properties need to be protected in a different way that properties intended for residential use. Some of the most common components of commercial home insurance include:

  • Protection for loss caused by business-related and non-business-related crashes and disasters
  • Business interruption/continuity insurance
  • General liability insurance for protection from legal action arising from injuries and/or property damage
  • Professional insurance, which extends to errors and omissions that may be created by people working in licensed professions

Surety Bonds

In the business world, handshakes aren’t good enough, and sometimes, contracts aren’t either. The various forms of surety bonds insure you against monetary losses resulting from a celebration failing to complete contractual obligations and break up your business.

Main types comprise:

  • Fiduciary bonds, usually taken out about the executor or trustee of an home or bankruptcy proceeding
  • Customs as well as excise bonds, which ensure the sleek and efficient movement of goods across intercontinental borders
  • License and permit bonds for professionals that require special the required licenses and permits to carry out work
  • Lost document bonds that cover the price of financial instruments, stock options, intellectual property and other worthwhile documents

Contractor Insurance

If you’re a contractor, it’s always a good thought to carry extra insurance coverage to give your clients and also you added piece of thoughts. Contractors insurance also prevents lousy individuals from undercutting a master and licensed experts; it ensures the performance of your stated obligations, and provides clientele with recourse in the instance of an unforeseen interference.

Components include:

  • Errors and omissions coverage
  • Equipment coverage
  • Liability in addition to property damage coverage
  • Protection for employees focusing on job sites

Elements like worker’ersus compensation and builder’verts risk are also integrated in contractor insurance.

Farm Insurance

Farm structures, machinery, livestock and also other assets are frequently exposed to risks that can threaten your living. Carrying farm insurance is a must in case you’re a stakeholder inside Alberta’s thriving farming industry.

Fidelity Coverage

It isn’t an item any employer really wants to deal with, but the the reality is that a large area of workplace thefts along with property crimes are usually committed by personnel. Fidelity coverage covers cash, valuable items, equipment, securities along with negotiables that might be stolen or maybe misappropriated by unscrupulous people.

The unfortunate reality is by using the economic slowdown that’verts recently hit Alberta, transgression is on the rise in general. Countless workplaces have been influenced; don’t risk experiencing yours become the upcoming one.

Rental Property Insurance

Owners regarding rental property have a many things to cover, and rental residence insurance for commercial clientele is available in four primary forms:

  • Coverage for a one building that is needed to others
  • Coverage for houses that have outbuildings, like garden sheds and detached garages
  • Furnished short-term, seasonal and long-term rentals
  • Protection for individuals along with businesses that rely on business oriented property rentals for income

Oil and Gas Insurance

Alberta’vertisements oil and gas industry have been one of the backbones of the neighborhood economy for decades. Small businesses working in this field have a lot of assets to defend, and?oil and natural gas insurance?products are available to maintain your interests are cared for.

Oil and gas protection protects businesses through:

  • Operational interruptions
  • Equipment loss, theft, vandalism and damage
  • Property and facilities
  • Criminal activity
  • General liability

There can also be many other options available should you have specific or exceptional needs. All you need to undertake is contact your insurance professional to discuss your situation.

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