Malta sees next largest drop in government debt in 2017


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Fourth quarter of 2017 compared with next quarter of 2017

Government unsecured debt fell to 86.7% of GDP during euro area

Down to 81.6% of GDP around EU28

Malta saw the second largest drop in government debt from the EU28 behind Cyprus with -5.4% with Cyprus enrolling a 9.1% reduce over the same phase. Maltas debt at the end of 2017 just 50% of GDP at EUR 5.643 billion.


At get rid of the fourth quarter connected with 2017, the government debt to help GDP ratio in the euro area (EA19) stood at Ninety.7%, compared with 88.1% at the end of the third quarter of 2017. In the EU28, the ratio also decreased via 82.4% to Eighty one.6%. Compared with the fourth three months of 2016, the government debts to GDP relation fell in both the euro area (from 89.0% to be able to 86.7%) and the EU28 (through 83.3% to Seventy eight.6%).

At the end of the fourth quarter of 2017, debt investments accounted for 80.5% of euro area and for 81.4% connected with EU28 general government credit debt. Loans made up 07.5% and 14.5% respectively and currency and also deposits represented About three.0% of euro area and A number of.1% of EU28 government unsecured debt. Due to the involvement with EU governments in financial assistance to certain Person States, quarterly details on intergovernmental lending (IGL) is additionally published. The share regarding IGL in GDP soon after the fourth quarter for 2017 amounted to 2.1% within the euro area and to 1.5% in the EU28.

Government debt at the end of the 4th quarter 2017 by Representative State

The highest ratios of government debt to GDP at the end of the fourth fraction of 2017 were registered in Greece (178.6%), Italy (131.8%) and Portugal (125.7%), and the least expensive in Estonia (9.0%), Luxembourg (Twenty three.0%) and Bulgaria (25.4%).

Compared using the third quarter of 2017, seven Member Says registered an increase in the debt to GDP ratio at the end of the final quarter of 2017 together with twenty one a lower. The highest increases while in the ratio were recorded in Latvia (+1.9 portion points C pp), Sweden (+1.8 pp), the Mixed Kingdom (+1.5 pp) and Greece (+1.A pair of pp). The largest decreases had been recorded in Cyprus (-5.0 pp), Slovenia and Portugal (both -4.Nine pp), Ireland (-4.0 pp) and Belgium (-3.7 pp).

Compared with the fourth fraction of 2016, two Associate States registered an increase in their debt in order to GDP ratio at the end of the fourth quarter involving 2017 and twenty six a good decrease. Increases while in the ratio were saved in Luxembourg (+2.2 pp) and also France (+0.4 pp), while the largest decreases were noted in Cyprus (-9.1 pp), Malta (-5.Several pp), Austria (-5.1 pp), the Netherlands (-5.5 pp), Slovenia and Ireland (both -4.Nine pp), Portugal (-4.2 pp) and Germany (-4.An individual pp).


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