Mansouri: Accelerating Arab addition is an urgent need


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H.At the. Sultan Bin Saeed Al Mansouri , Minister of Economy while in the UAE, said that in light of the actual political, economic plus social challenges as well as crises facing your Arab region, who have serious implications for that economic and cultural growth of the same vicinity, the need for solidarity is more crucial than ever before. Efforts to get economic political incorporation to overcome the various recent challenges in the interests of the countries plus development goals involved, should be increased.

He included that there is no doubt that we now have achievements on the drive of joint Arab action, especially with consideration to steps and procedures on facilitating in addition to liberalising the trade motion between Arab locations, which in turn have vast implications for the development of intra-regional business movement. The execution of the desired Arabic economic integration, also faces a number of fantastic issues.

Al-Mansouri said that any ministerial meetings and basic meetings of the Arabic summit discussed various key issues to help push forward Arab-speaking cooperation and plug-in efforts. He stated his hope for the actual summit to come out utilizing resolutions, that play a role in enhancing the gains associated with joint Arab action and achieving consensus and also solidarity among the Arab nations around the world, pointing to the incredible importance of the sincere initiatives made by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, through the presidency of the prior session.




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