Asylum decisions in the Euro – EU New member States granted protection to more than half many asylum seekers in 2017 ( space ) Almost one-third of the children were Syrians


The 28 Member Suggests of the European Union (EU) of course protection status to help 538 000 asylum seekers throughout 2017, down by just about 25% from 2016. In addition to most of these, the EU Member States received virtually 24 000 resettled refugees.

The largest sized group of beneficiaries with protection status in the EU in 2017 remained residents of Syria (175 800 persons, or 33% in the total number of persons granted protection reputation in the EU Member States), followed by inhabitants of Afghanistan (100 900 or 19%) and those connected with Iraq (64 300 or even 12%).

The number of decisions granting protection status for you to Syrian citizens has dropped considering the fact that 2016 (when they accounted for a share of 57% of all grants) however, they will remained the largest collection granted protection status in eighteen New member States in 2017. Of the One hundred seventy five 800 Syrian citizens granted safeguards status in the EU, in excess of 70% received protection status in Germany (124 800).

These files on the results of asylum decisions in the EU are released by Eurostat, the statistical place of work of the European Union.

More as compared with 60% of positive options granted in one single Associate State: Germany

In 2017, the highest volume of persons granted defense status was authorized in Germany (325 400), previous to France (40 600), Italy (34 100), Austria (34 500) and Sweden (31 100).

Out of all the persons who have been granted protection position in 2017 in the EU, 271 700 persons were granted refugee status (50% of all positive decisions), 189 000 were given subsidiary protection (35%) plus 77 500 authorisation to be for humanitarian purposes (14%). It should be noted this, while both refugee along with subsidiary protection condition are defined by European union law, humanitarian reputation is granted simply on the basis of national legal guidelines.

Almost half of asylum decisions along at the first instance manufactured in the EU generated protection status

In 2017 much more than 970 000 first situation decisions on asylum software programs were made in the EU Member Claims and further 266 000 closing decisions following some sort of appeal. Decisions crafted at the first example resulted in almost 443 1,000 persons being provided protection status, whilst a further 95 000 received protection standing on appeal.

Recognition rates deviates greatly between citizenships

The pace of recognition, my partner and i.e. the share with positive decisions from the total number of options, was 46% for primary instance decisions inside EU. For final choices on appeal, the recognition rate was 36%.

The connection between decisions on asylum programs, and therefore the recognition rate, vary between areas of citizenship of asylum applicants. One of many twenty main citizenships with asylum applicants on which selections were taken at first instance in 2017, acknowledgement rates in the EU ranged from around 5% with regard to citizens of Albania to 94% regarding Syria and 92% for Eritrea.


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